About Us

nijiri は世界中の人々に素晴らしい日本茶を提供することを目指しています。日本の農家さんと出会い、生産者の話や人柄を知り、共に農作業行い、お茶を選んでいます。密かに集めたお茶の数は増え続けています。その中からお気に入りのものを、あなたの日常にお届けします。



"Maintain inner calm with tea"


nijiri aims to bring great Japanese tea to people all over the world. We visit Japanese farmers, get in touch with their stories and personalities, work with them on their farms, and select their teas. The number of teas we have secretly collected continues to grow. We will bring our favorites from among them to your daily life.

Nijiri" is the name of the entrance to the tea house. When enjoying tea ceremony, people remove all utensils from their bodies and enter the room with their heads bowed. We interpreted this as an ancient Japanese way of mind.

We hope you will spend time with Japanese tea, facing yourself as you are, and cherishing your "self".

"Maintain inner calm with tea"